Youth Empowerment is one of the two Regional strategic priorities decided by the European Scout Conference in Berlin in 2013. The European Youth Empowerment Strategic Priority Group, a volunteer group set-up to follow the actions related to this priority, has proposed and supported a series of actions in the past years some of them part of a European Union-backed project, entitled “Be Prepared, Get Engaged, Be Europe”. This project aims to have an impact in the most important Regional event for young people: Roverway 2016 (France, http://roverway2016.org), through a number of events and initiatives related to youth empowerment and European citizenship.

The 2015 edition of Agora (Jambville, France), the European event by Rovers for Rovers, was one such initiative and the Youth Empowerment Study Session (YESS) is the other one proposed in 2015.

The aim of YESS is to explore and study the concept of Youth Empowerment. The participants will explore various perspectives of empowerment ((personal/psychological, societal/community, political, etc.) and discuss how empowerment can be use and is relevant to Scouting and society in their country. At the seminar participants will network and share experiences in order to develop a greater understanding of empowerment and active citizenship.

The event is open to young people and youth workers under the age of 30 and it is the second “recruitment pool” for the European Route at Roverway*.
Our mission is to create a better world – we believe we can do that by creating better citizens. At YESS we will be exploring these concepts!